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[pct-l] Headcover Question

I've been using a Sunday Afternoons hat for a  couple of years; I don't 
recall which model, but it doesn't have a neck flap;  they are available with a 
neck flap. I've safety pinned the back part of the  brim up, so it doesn't hit my 
pack and push my head forward. When I turn it  around to keep the sun off my 
neck while working, it makes me look like Gabby  Hayes, or one of those other 
old western movie characters. Some of you are  saying, "Who the hell is Gabby 
Hayes?" Others of you may be able to tell me if  that's the correct name.
    It also has a lanyard, to keep it on in a wind; no  matter where you hike 
you're going to need that lanyard from time to time. When  I don't need the 
lanyard, I just invert the hat, then put it on with the lanyard  up in the hat, 
basically laying on my head. 
    It has mesh side panels, so ventilates some. I've  also washed it in a 
washing machine, safety pins and all, with no ill effects.  Mine weighs about 4 
oz with the pins. It's a good hat; I've worked and  hiked in it. 
(http://www.sundayafternoons.com/index.cgi)    Mine appears to be the field hat model, with a 4" brim all the 
way around; by  the time the sun gets below that brim, it's early or late in 
the day.
Big  Bend Desert Denizen
(Naturalized Citizen, Republic of  Texas)