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[pct-l] Interesting web site

I think it is a spoof. Probably a spoof of the many
websites for companies now that have "house atheletes"
who've done cool things, naturally wearing the gear of
the company. You know, they did the
EcoSteroidChallenge all because of wearing a $200
piece of spun polyester?

I think this bio alone says it all :D  :

"While researching jungle monkeys in Indonesia , she
was kidnapped by the Maoist rebels. She escaped on her
first night of captivity by ?dispatching? two armed
guards. She is a 6th degree black belt and used
improvised bamboo spikes to their eyes and neck and
then basically out ran pursuers over a seven-day, two
hundred mile chase on jungle trails and jeep roads
back to Jakarta. She removed the rear stock and front
grip of her captured AK-47 to save weight while

The MA in Taoist Studies reminded me a school here in
Boudler..Naropa Univesity. A honest-to-goodness
Buddhist College. You can get an MA in Indo-Tibbetan
Buddist studies. I'll refrain for any jokes about "do
you want fries with that?" ;-)


The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched