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[pct-l] Chartering a bus

> Enterprize in Tehachapi is nine miles from the Tiger Tank 
> and about the
> same from the next highway crossing.  The hitch can be so, 
> so.
> Call Enterprize and they may pick you up. (cell)
> RESERVE your vehicle.   Availability................yes
> and GAS MILEAGE!!!!!!!!!!

That would be a sweet plot, except that I'm pretty sure 
Enterprise is one of a growing number of rental outfits that 
won't allow a one way rental. Enterprise appears to be 
positioning itself as the "home town" rental company, 
offering service in many small towns that are otherwise 
lacking in such services. Apparently they don't need the 
extra business, or the hassle, of one way renting.

In my experience, the best bets for getting one way rentals 
at decent rates are at the airports. Yes, you end up paying 
the airport concession fees, but if you rent a subcompact 
car and make the trip quick then it can still be more 
economical than flying at the last minute. See if 
Bakersfield airport has an Avis, Hertz, or National counter, 
as these are three agencies that often allow for a one-way.

- bf