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[pct-l] When in dought,,,,talk to the expert,

When in dought.....? talk to the expert,,,{horse} know I did construction 40 years +,and know how,,,started at houseing,curve & gutters,and ended up working on the largest Dam in the US,some of the largest airports,& high rises,but let me tell you when it comes to a horse,?????,now I had donkey ,and as Donna said,,they are as different as day and night,?,and at the time I did not give it too much thought,but know I cant walk too awfull far,leaveing the pct hehind,and I want it in frount,So its one or the other ,, get a packing Mule,or a couple of donkeys,the mule ,I can ride when I get tired,,,open for your expertize,,,,HL "theBull"