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[pct-l] Scrambler made it!!

 Just got an email that " Scrambler" and her mother completed their thru-hike Oct. 25th and may be the last North bounders this year. Mary,,aka.  Scrambler was the 10 year old little gal at last year's KO and may be the youngest finisher ever on PCT. Great job!!!
     On a " Lighter" side this new record beat's the old record by one year. Strider said he was only 11 y/o in 1977 and just tall for his age. ( That would make him 39 y/o today)  He is quite young at heart and can still hike like a 39 y/o, but I saw his Driver's licenses. TIC!!
     Hats off to a record year with Scott and Mary setting new records!!! ( OK, Scott has a week left still on his)