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[pct-l] Re: Any thru-hikers left on the trail.

> I am curious, does anybody know if there are any thru-hikers left on the trail. (ie people close enough to the finish to make it this year).
> Have been following the trailjournals.com and it appears to me given the last set of updates that they would now have finished...
> -Mountain Goat-

> Nocona and her husband, Bald Eagle, Germinator, Debbie Richardson, Sherpa, Crow, Chef, and K-Too were in Southern Oregon around, before, or near the First.  They signed the register at the boarder.  The register at Ashland Outfitters has much more info.  

I went to visit Crow for a few days a week ago.  Crow, K-too, Dirty, and
Chef were hiking north of Cascade Locks September 21 when I left them.
Eagle and Nocona were starting out about the same time, but closer to
Cascade Locks.  Germanator and Fishstand (Debbie) are off the trail.
Sherpa was to meet up with Crow and the boys after a short working
vacation.  I heard last night September 27 through our daughter that Crow
and Sherpa were at Packwood, and I think she would've told me if Chef,
Dirty, and K-too were not with them anymore.

This is my first time posting to this list, so please excuse any
inadvertant faux pas.

- Larry Fenske