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[pct-l] Thru Hiker Sleeing Bags

Oh ya...call me Ah-nold....

No, don't have huge shoulders...

I'm currently snoozing in a Sierra Designs Van Winkle Flex. 15 degree
down bag with 72" inch girth. I simply LOVE the roomy feeling of being
able to sleep in any position, yet be snug and warm on chilly nights
(I'm in a tent, too).

Here, yet again, I keep falling back into my lux habits....

I'm making up a wish list of my dream ultralight kit and was thinking
quilt for it's lightweight and roomy properties.
I most likely won't use an ultralight kit for cold weather (I do 90% of
my hiking in SoCal). I could get used to the smaller bags and traps if
it will get me into running shoes and bigger mile days.

I gotta catch up to my buddy, Bill.

I'll NEVER give up my oilcan, though...

M i c h a e l   S a e n z
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I used a Nunatak quilt on my JMT trip; bags before that. The quilt will
give you 
lots of shoulder room on warm nights, but on really cold ones you'll
want to 
wrap it tightly around you to keep the drafts down. I'm not sure why you
the 70" shoulder girth--do you like the loose fit or are your shoulders
huge? If 
you like the loose fit, I don't think the quilt is for you, since a
loose fit 
seems to allow a lot of drafts. If your shoulders are huge, then Nunatak
will be 
happy to custom-make you an extra large quilt.

  My quilt (larger than "Medium", smaller than "Long") weighs 22 oz, is
rated at 
20F, but wasn't quite warm enough for me even at 32 (but I wasn't in a
tent, it 
was pretty breezy even on the calmest nights, and the humidity was
low, so maybe it was the environment (or me), rather than the quilt's
that's at fault).

Mike Saenz wrote:
> Oh, I didn't mention: I was looking for the one that had something
> 70"+ shoulder girth...(yeah, I want it all and I want it NOW...).
> I mentioned to Ron that I liked the new tent, but then asked about a
> bathtub floor....
> I really WANT to put together an ultralight kit, but I just can't seem
> to shake some of my lux habits...(the oilcan stays...)
> Ok. I looked at the Western Mountaineering bags. Nice stuff! 14 oz for
> 3-season bag!
> What about the quilts? Light and all the girth I could ever want?
> M i c h a e l   S a e n z
> McLarand Vasquez Emsiek & Partners, Inc.
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> Try Western Mountaineering at www.westernmountaineering.com
> The Highlite (40 degrees) weighs in at 19 oz. in the 6' 6" version.
> certainly was not optimal for the High Sierra, but good enough for
> and from Sierra City north.  I finished in Canada in late August, so I
> didn't have to contend with cold or bad weather up north.  If I was to
> do it again, I'd bring my Ultralight, which weighs in at 1 lb 15 oz in
> the large size and is good to 20 degrees.  I'd probably start with it
> and carry it until Sierra City, then switch into the Highlite for the
> rest of the trip, possibly picking up the Ultralight again in
> if I was running late.  I have reviews of both bags at
> http://whiteblaze.net.  Look in the Gear Reviews section.  The
> review was written last year and so will be a bit buried, but the
> Ultralight review I wrote recently.  The posts would be under the user
> name of chris.
> Suge
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>>Not too long ago, there was a web link to some REALLY light sleeping
>>Does anyone have those links? Or recommendations on bags vs quilts?
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