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[pct-l] Thru-hikers left on the trail Nocona, Bald Eagle, Germinator, Debbie............................

Nocona and her husband, Bald Eagle, Germinator, Debbie Richardson, Sherpa, Crow, Chef, and K-Too were in Southern Oregon around, before, or near the First.  They signed the register at the boarder.  The register at Ashland Outfitters has much more info.  I think one of them bought the last pair of DARK sock liners.  None left in the whole town.  I won't buy white.  I never have to wash the black ones.  

Germinator celebrated his 33rd birthday there.  One day's hike up the hill at Hyatt Lake, Bald Eagle and Nocona left a note for Germinator and Debbie.  Sounded like Nocona's feet were in pretty bad shape.  

Dr. Christy Pruett, Ornithologist I met at Vermilion,  hopped off the trail at Donner Pass, went to work two weeks in Alaska, then jumped back on the trail way behind the pack.  We hiked Hat Creek Rim together.  She wanted to know where the nearest airport was.  I told her where a couple were including one near Ashland.   She hiked to Ashland to complete the State of California, went to Louie's and had a huge cheeseburger, saw a play and hopped on a plane at the Medford Airport.

A couple weeks ago (9/12) in an obscure trail register where the old PCT (Stuart Falls Trail) rejoins the new PCT a few miles south of Crater Lake,  there were very few thru-hiker entries after 9/1.  I don't remember what names I saw.  The pages before had been collected/removed.  It was raining.  I almost didn't stop myself.
The Mazama Village Store register had nothing.  I think the Post Office Register would have had better Info.

I wouldn't know any of this if I hadn't fallen behind all the other thru-hikers.  For weeks I had been signing the registers as "The Last Hiker".  I left a phone number to contact me if I wasn't the last thru-hiker.  Still, no one has called.

I had 45 days down with leg and foot injuries and one day down from the Pancake Challenge.  My current injuries are a month old and refuse to get better.
It rained three days and my tarp was stolen from the Crater Lake campground.
Weather forecast looked dangerous for a man with no legs and no shelter.
I've been home ten days.   
Saw my doctor.  She says  "Don't walk."     (at all)
I just came from my second All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

I have 800 miles left to complete next year.  Does this make me a "Section Hiker"?

AND....WAS I.....  "The Last Hiker"?????

Monty Tam
The Last Hiker
Warner Springs