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[pct-l] Scrambler and the Blighs

I got a voicemail on my cell phone last Wed. morning from Barbara (Nellie Bligh) wife of Capt. Bligh and mom of 10-year-old thru-hiker, Scrambler.  Nellie said the family was due in Cascade Locks on Friday, might want to take me up on my offer of a ride to Portland and would call me on Friday when they arrived in C.Locks.  She gave no call back number and the call was marked "private" so I couldn't return it and I never heard from her again.  Anyone have any news of this remarkable trio?  At one point they were hiking in the general vicinity of Nacona and Bald Eagle, but Nacona's most recent journal entry was Sept. 5 and she hasn't mentioned them in a while.

Wayne Kraft