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[pct-l] Cleveland NF: Partial PCT Closure

	The Pacific Crest Trail south of Boulder Oaks Campground is
closed (except, presumably, for the section in Lake Morena County
Park); this agrees with the "south of I8" closure previously reported.
Additional restrictions may be imposed on a daily basis, so check with
the local Forest Service office before hiking.

	Here's the latest PR release:


	From the release:

    District offices are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM till 4:30PM.
    For the Cleveland National Forest Supervisor's Office dial (858) 673-6180.
    For Alpine, Descanso, and Laguna Mountain Area contact the Descanso Ranger
    District at (619) 445-6235.
    For Palomar Mountain, Henshaw, Ramona and Oak Grove areas contact the
    Palomar Ranger District at (760) 788-0250.
    For the Ortega Hwy area, San Mateo and Corona area contact the Trabuco
    Ranger District at (909) 736-1811.

					Craig "Computer" Rogers