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[pct-l] Any thru-hikers left on the trail.

Mountain Goat wrote:
I am curious, does anybody know if there are any thru-hikers left on the
trail. (ie people close enough to the finish to make it this year).
Have been following the trailjournals.com and it appears to me given the
last set of updates that they would now have finished...

I think Nonoca and Bald Eagle are still on the trail unless they've
gotten sick of the rain and bailed since their last journal entry
(9/5/04).  I don't think they have though since I'm on their email
update list and probably would have received a note about it.  So I
guess they're still out there.  Last I heard they were still planning on
making it to Canada though they figured a 10/15 end date and they knew
they might be forced down to lower alternate routes by snow.