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[pct-l] Any thru-hikers left on the trail.

I'm following and supporting (shipping supply boxes) to Caryl and Brian 
Bergeron (not related to Liz), the "World Cyclists" and Caryl had an unfortunate 
accident crossing a stream in northern Yosemite and cracked a bone in her ankle. 
 It swelled up like mad and she had a hard time getting out.  They rehabbed 
in Carson City for about 7 weeks and thus lost the opportunity to finish this 
year.  But, they're now out there again and getting as far north as they can 
before the weather turns ugly on them.  They are somewhere north of Sierra City 
and south of Belden at the moment.   They want to finish next year and telling 
me to hold onto the boxes for Oregon and Washington! 

Caryl is clearly a tough one.