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[pct-l] Forests to Close Until Rainfall

Opine all you want.  I think it is a travesty.  I am trying to figure out
how I can start a fire dayhiking.  I don't have any matches, so that's not
it.  I don't have a stove or any other fire making equipment, so that's not
it.  Oh, I know, it must be the sparks flying off my new balance trail
running shoes.  Yeah, that's it.
A typical knee jerk reaction by bureaucracy.  On a less sarcastic note:  I
will be thru-hiking the trail in 2005 (if the forest service lets me).  I am
looking forward to partaking of your hospitality at that time.  Eric Yakel
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> The National Forests (all of them in So. Cal) will close at midnight
tonight.  Interestingly, the word is a "state of emergency" is being
declared in the Forests, which if true would be unprecedented when there are
no major fires occurring (to the best of my knowledge anyway, corrections
welcome).  Residents in the San Gabriel Nat'l are being evicted and
businesses will close, which poses for some a devastating hardship.  IMHO,
counties in Florida are in a "state of emergency."  So. Cal forests are in a
"precarious position."  But then, I digress from my self-imposed policy of
not opining.
> On a related topic, Scott Williamson is on his way South, having reached
the Canadian border on 8/9, and stands a very good chance of making it
through the Sierras if good weather prevails.  In his last note he indicated
he was in Cascade Locks on 8/23 and anticipated being in the Sierras in
early October, and here in Agua Dulce toward the end of the month.  Should
the planets and the weather finally align for Scott's first ever yo-yo of
the PCT, having hiked over 4,500 miles to reach the affected forests, what a
shame it would be if arbitrary government policies stop him from this
monumental accomplishment.
> Scott mentioned passing three other south bounders.  For the last two
years, and it looks like this one may be a third, south bounders have not
been able to complete the PCT due to forest closures.  I for one would like
a pro-rated refund on my Nat'l Forest passes, which I have purchased for
years without complaint.
> There is a silver lining in all of this though.  The forests are closing
just as hunting season opened for another year.  Rack one up for the
> -=Donna Saufley=-
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