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[pct-l] Re: Ice Axe Experience Question

Aloha All!

I've been lurking in the background and first, want to thank all for their invaluable advice.  As with everyday, I've learned tons.  Mahalo.

My question:  Does anyone know of a place near central Virginia/DC where I could possibly find someone to teach me how to use an ice axe?  As an AT completer, my current goal is the PCT in '05.  I'm a warm weather gal and know little to nothing about snow or ice axe and crampon use.  I own a cabin not far from Bayse Ski Resort and plan on chatting with them but after checking them out last year I'm not holding my breath for anything more in the lesson category than bunny hill skiing.  (Something I also have never done.)  Anyway, should you know of someplace in the vicinity I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you to all that share.

Aloha! Ann

<<  If you don't know how to use crampons or ice axe, you could do yourself real harm. >>