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[pct-l] Elizabeths Mother

My Mom was the same way! She would barely talk to me about my 2 month section hike. I showed her the PCT website, which she gradually looked at.  While I was on the trail, I used pocket mail to write to family. Mom felt much better when she heard stories about the people I met. She was comforted to hear that I  wasn't alone all the time and that everyone I met was kind and enjoyable. I think that pocket mail is a great thing. And call home, even if it costs $1.00 a minute at Ollalie Lake, it's worth it. Saves hundreds on marital and/or family therapy. 
So, your Mom has to worry (it's her job). All you can do is hike boldy and I bet by the end, she'll be endlessly bragging about you to her friends.