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[pct-l] flying home (Seattle? to San Diego)

Hello all;

So one aspect of things that seems a bit fuzzy is getting home once in
Canada. I figure that I might be able to figure out some creative way
to get to Seattle from Manning Park, but maybe there's an understood

>From Seattle, the flights (one way) back to San Diego seem to be
$120-$200, which isn't too bad. Covering a five month distance in four
hours will have a certain poetic quality. But I'm curious how far out
to make my reservations. I was thinking that I would wait until I was
within a few weeks of ending, and then I would have a pretty good idea
of my exact end date (as opposed to trying to peg it earlier than

The alternative I suppose is just doing all the ticket buying in
Washington / Canada, and maybe hanging looking for last minute
openings on hotwire.com ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated;