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[pct-l] Trail Magic - What's Your Story?

I've already told my iPod story this summer- and Mouse, you were there!- but
that'd have to take the cake.


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Hi all:

Do you have a great story about a random act of kindness, or trail magic,
that you experienced while thru-hiking the PCT?  Please share your story
with us.

There's certainly a number of dedicated trail angels who provide tremendous
support on an on-going basis.  They maintain water caches, house hikers, do
trail maintenance, and countless other hard jobs to make the PCT better.
There are also thousands of folks who, on a one-time basis, do something
wonderful for a thru-hiker.

As an example, I was hiking alone north out of Agua Dulce on the PCT
alternate route through Antelope Valley.  I was about 15 miles north of Lake
Hughes, road walking on Avenue 170 West.  It was a miserable day of hiking.
It was hot with a strong, dry wind blowing due south - directly into my
face.  The wind was so strong it, at times, knocked me backwards.

I was still a few miles south of the Cottonwood Creek water source, so I was
watching my water carefully.  I'd heard stories of hikers being harrassed in
this area, so I was anxious to avoid any run-ins with the locals.  A couple
of scary looking characters had driven by during the day, but I hadn't yet
had any problems.

About 3:30 in the afternoon, I was hot, tired, and had low spirts.  The
strong wind was exhausing.  I noticed an old, beat-up car coming towards me
very slowly.  It stopped right in front of me - but I couldn't se inside
because of the dark, tinted windows.  My heart raced!  I just knew I was in

The driver rolled down the window and leaned out and said "would you like a
cold Gatoraide?"  Stunned, it took me a few seconds to say "thanks, that
would be great!"  The woman jumped out of her car, opened her trunk, and
handed me the very best beverage I've ever had!  She even waited until I
finished it so I didn't have to carry the container.

Her act of kindness recharged my spirts and energized my pace.  Instead of
feeling isolated and beat, I felt supported and strong.  A simple sharing of
a drink will stay with me forever.

so, what's your story?  What randon act of kindness do you remember?


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