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[pct-l] My money dump at REI

one more thing,

Thirty lbs base weight will kill you.

Mouse Out

>From: "Eric Lee (GAMES)" <elee@microsoft.com>
>To: "Eric" <radpin@gmail.com>, 
>Subject: RE: [pct-l] My money dump at REI
>Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 12:20:44 -0700
>Eric wrote:
> >
>I'd love to hear all the comments suggestions, but please remember
>that I'm not some goober who fell off the the turnip truck last week.
>I've used a lot of this equipment (or its cousin) on several trips,
>some spanning multiple weeks, and most in much more brutal conditions
>than what I expect on the PCT (although the repeating abuse will
>probably take an equal if not greater toll.. that's where the 100%
>satisfaction return / replace policy at REI comes in). Also, I'm not
>totally on the "ultralight bandwagon". I see the merits of 
>weight where I don't need it, but I'm 26, in decent shape, and weigh
>over 200 pounds. Hauling 30-40 pounds of stuff around isn't the end of
>the world for me.
> >
>Well, I won't try to convince you to join the ultralight crowd; I'm sure
>there are many others who will do that just fine without my help.
>However, I'll note one misconception that many people have about a PCT
>thru-hike; it's not the same as anything you've done before.  It's not
>mountaineering, it's not "walk 8 miles and plop beside a lake for 
>next three days", it's not a quick weekender, it's not any of those
>A PCT thru-hike is all about making big miles.  The challenges and
>rigors of 20+ miles per day on average for five months is not something
>that most people's previous experience prepares them for, even if they
>have tons of outdoor experience in brutal mountaineering conditions.
>You mentioned that you've done trips spanning multiple weeks - how many
>miles did you cover on those trips?  If you did, say 300 miles on a two
>week trip, then fine, you know what you're getting into and you could
>take that same gear on your PCT thru-hike.  If, however, you only
>covered 150 miles on that two week trip then your experience there
>doesn't map well to a PCT thru-hike and you can't assume your previous
>gear and habits will be adequate.
>That said, many people have carried 30+ pounds on a thru-hike and some
>of them have finished, so yeah, it might not be the end of the world for
>[Disclaimer: I haven't thru-hiked yet either.]
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