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[pct-l] feasability of a 4 month "late" hike

No problem with an academic summer thruhike on the PCT.  In 03 I did this, hiking from May 9 to Aug 21.  Will Tarantino also did it that year, hiking between May 10 and Aug 16.  Birdie started and ended the same dates that I did.  Basically, once you clear the Sierra (say, around South Lake Tahoe, about 1100 miles in) you need to crank out 30 mile days pretty consistently.  I took 7 true zero days, about 5 neros, and about 5 half days off.

Starting around May 10-17 should not present a problem.  In fact, it may be an asset.  Figure on a month to get to Kennedy Meadows (start of the Sierra) from Campo.  This puts you there around June 10-17, at which point you will have better conditions, snow-wise, that earlier starters.  Water caches will still be out, although you should absolutely not rely upon them.  The only really important ones are at Scissors Crossing and, maybe, Kelso Valley.  The later you get to the Sierra, the better the snow, but the worse the skeeters.  I left KM on June 10 in an average snow year.  Hiking was challenging, but there really weren't any bugs.

Definitely give it a shot.


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> Hello to all!
>   This is my first post here.  I hiked the AT in 03' and had a blast.  Now I'm
> throwing the idea around of hiking the PCT this summer instead of waiting till
> 06' cause I can't stop thinking about it everyday.  Problem is I'd only have an
> academic summer to do it in, since I'm still in college).  This would mean
> starting 10-17th May at Campo.  Is the hot gonna be unbearable then?  Will the
> water caches be tapped? What other problems/concerns would I run into.  I
> assume the Sierra would be very enjoyable if I get there in late June.  How
> feasible is a 4 month hike if it took me 5 on the AT (with 17 zeros)?  I'd have
> to be back around the middle of September for school again.  Thanks much
> A-Train
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