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[pct-l] feasability of a 4 month "late" hike

Hello to all!

  This is my first post here.  I hiked the AT in 03' and had a blast.  Now I'm
throwing the idea around of hiking the PCT this summer instead of waiting till
06' cause I can't stop thinking about it everyday.  Problem is I'd only have an
academic summer to do it in, since I'm still in college).  This would mean
starting 10-17th May at Campo.  Is the hot gonna be unbearable then?  Will the
water caches be tapped? What other problems/concerns would I run into.  I
assume the Sierra would be very enjoyable if I get there in late June.  How
feasible is a 4 month hike if it took me 5 on the AT (with 17 zeros)?  I'd have
to be back around the middle of September for school again.  Thanks much