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BATTERY LIFE Re: [pct-l] Digital Cameras


Thanks for that tip.  I never thought of taking
out my batteries before, but it does make sense
that it would extend battery life.  One thing
that does concern me with this approach is that
after a time without batteries, the camera's
internal clock resets(at least it does on my
current digital camera), which translates into
dates in the picture's metadata that don't
reflect the correct day, month, or even year the
picture was taken.  I know that I can simply
reset the time when I reinstall the batteries,
but there may be times I forget--especially in
the excitement of snapping off a beautiful or
fleeting shot.  Maybe the metadata is not as
important to some, but for my swiss-hole laden
memory, it becomes pretty important--other wise I
might wind up expaining the beautiful shot of a
mountain in California that I actually took in
Washington ;-).

Am I being too much of a worry-wort about this


--- Richard <calliger@infolane.com> wrote:

> Take the batteries out of the camera or just
> one; when
> not in use.  The battery life in my
> non-scientific
> experiment yielded over double the lifetime.
> The trickle
> charge needed to keep the clock alive plus
> whatever
> else they do with it (not the images on the
> card so dont worry)
> int he main camera.
> R

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