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[pct-l] Cameras , Boots and Weather

 First , I really feel for this year's hikers as this has been the wettest Sept. in recent years. ( And a Washington Native know's rain) Most of this year's crowd are going for the 50 mile Glacier Peak road walk detour with the weather going south rather than chance all the swollen creeks and possible snow in higher routes.
   Boots for winter?? I enjoy my old Sorels with snowshoes and are soooooo comfortable. They seem to work well with my cheap MSR Denali snowshoes. ( Plus you look alittle like " Nanuk of the North " with them on.
   Camera for the trail???? I use an Olympus Stylus 300 which is one of their more weather proof models. I use a  256 chip which hold lots of pictures. It's 3.2 meg which is fairly " Ho Hum" these days, but 4  and 5 meg aren't really much better as these most have the same sensor. ( 6.2 D- SLR cameras beat 10 meg. wonder whamo camera because of sensor sizes, for starters)
   Nowhere man has a nice Pentax that is sealed even better still and can be submerged in water and optical zoom is all incased with nice rubber bumped edges.
    I will be looking to buy a nice D-SLR camera soon . Canon 10D  is a great one which will soon be overshadowed by the 20D. I am looking hard at the new Pentax *ist which is touted to be the lightest and most compact D0-SLR on the market. Epson is even making a nice " Retro Digital Ranger " , but cost is 3,000 and will take Leica Lens.
   Any info on D-SLR will be helpful.