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[pct-l] RE: Suggestions for "to bring List"

My pack weight without food fuel and water is 9 lb 4 oz, I don't no the
exact weight of each item, but will give a estimate. 
Pack -- G-5 from Gossamergear.com I used a G-4 pack for years,and loved it,
but I ever filled it up so I went with the smaller G-5 I passed the G-4 down
to  my son. It weighs around 8 oz I did modify it a little
My tents a Nomad Lite from Wanderlustgear.com I gave my old nomad to my son
and bought a new one for the PCT last year. The old tent and G-4 pack did
the AT and many other trails with me. It weighs 1 lb 12 oz, but takes about
5 months to get one. If you need one sooner six moon designs has a 2 man
tent at 2 lbs has lots of room.
I use a Z-lite  sleeping pad from Gossamer gear 
My bag is a Western Mountaneering ultralite weighs 1 lb 12 oz but the Kelty
light year is only 4 ozs heavier for a third of the price.
My extra cloths are a bathing suit, long sleeve nylon shirt, 2 extra smart
lite hiker pairs of socks, two pair of coolmax sock liners, a balaclava, a
Marmot flash sweater, ( a fluffy lightweight jacket ) which is also my
pillow and 2 extra bandanas. This isn't counting what I'm wearing. Oh and
Homemade alcohol stove from a tomato paste can pot stand from a coat hanger
titanum pot ( the small one ) container for the alcohol that the stove fits
over the lid and it all fits in the pot.
A Photon 2 light
Agua mira 
Bug net
 Small packs of tissues
Platypus bag 2 liter
Rain Parka from Wanderlust gear goes over pack also 2 or 3 ozs.
Swiss army knife the small one
Small pill bottle with aleve, imodiom , bedadryl, pepsid, and vitamins.
2 washcloths ,I put loops on them soI could hang them from my pack to dry,
sunscreen a small one, you can always get a new one in town
small 2 dollar compass 
Small alcohol gel
small toothpaste and brush
antibiotic cream
pieces of guidebook
extra end for platy
extra batteries for digital camera, a Pentax Optio that I carry in my side
pants pocket
BLISTER PADS, bandaids compeed pads are good,Dr Shool and Spenco make them
also. It seemed like no one took them, I was giving them to every one, and
they are about a dollar each. 
 Hope I didn't forget anything. I didn't make any changes, but only made
around 600 miles before getting hurt. I will be back next year to try again.