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[pct-l] Ice Axe Experience question

in 1998, i passesd a thru-hiker near Carson Pass who said that he not 
only used his ice axe, but that the strap on his wrist saved is life 
because he couldn't hold on to the axe

also, if you use the axe correctly, you should be using it BEFORE you 
fall to cut steps in the snow so that you reduce your chances of 
falling.  in addition, carrying the axe on a slope in you uphill hand 
can mitigate falls before they get out of control so that they 
are "slips" rather than "falls".  this has happened to me on numerous 
occasions on and off the PCT.

good luck,

> PCT Thru-hikers,
> I am trying to decide on Ice Axe or light weight crampons for next
> year's PCT.
> I have read many stories and trail journals where hikers fell going up
> or down a snowy pass with their Ice Axe safely strapped to their pack.
>  I do not recall hearing where the Ice Axe was actually out and used
> for self arrest while thru-hiking the PCT.
> If you have used your ice axe for self arrest while hiking the PCT or
> know of someone who has, could you share your experience please?
> Thanks,
> joe
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