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[pct-l] Ashland I-5 question

Hi y'all-

I'll be going to meet Darrell in a couple of weeks.  I'm really excited!  
He'll have reached the border of California, and I plan to pick him up just south 
of Ashland, OR, where the PCT meets I-5.  Never having been on that route 
before, I'm wondering what to expect and how we can be sure not to miss one 

Can anyone tell me how the PCT crosses the hwy?  Does it go under?  Is there 
any indication for drivers that the PCT is even there?  Will I see it easily?  
I expect that if Darrell gets to the hwy before me, then it will be simple 
for me to see him if he waits by the side of the road.  But if I should get 
there first, I'd like to park and wait in a spot that is easy for him to get to, 

I'd be grateful for any advice or suggestions that anyone has.

Thanks so much!