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[pct-l] Boots

Good afternoon, Mike,

You are not nitpicking ... you are correct, of course.  I only put that
"inventing" comment in as a gentle jab.  As I mentioned in the post, many of
us ... apparently including you ... were well down that path before it
became the "Ray Way."  To Jardine's credit, he did popularize the effort.
Looking back, it is strange that no-one really promoted the idea sooner.
Every time I think of Jardine I am reminded of a story about an inventor who
complained indignantly that those people in the history books were stealing
all his best ideas.


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>   I agree with much of your post. But a nitpick, if
> you'll allow..
>  Ray Jardine did not, by any stretch, invent
> lightweight backpacking. He came up with a system
> which happens to work for many people. A lot of us
> were already paring our packweights down to the
> minimum years before the PCT Hiker's Handbook came out
> (in '94 if I remember correctly).
>  Discussing hiking on the internet has always been
> fun.. I can remember having huge east/west coast
> debates on AOL in 1996. Now, since I avoid the east
> coast forums, I only get involved in the gear debates.
>  Mike