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[pct-l] MSR Dromlite bags

Good morning, Eric,

I have had two sizes of MSR bag for a number of years and have been pleased
with them in almost every regard.  I have not used either with the tube,
etc, but that is superficial and should work well.  My only complaints are
that they are an once or two heavier than their plastic-sack competition,
and much of that seems to be in the rather chunky (clunky?) cap system that
MSR uses.  I do not attach a filter pump directly to the bag so that large
cap is a waste for me.  I was initially concerned about the reliability of
the soft molded threads on the bag, which engages the cap, but they have not
failed.  One complaint with those threads is the soft plastic is rather
sticky, and sometimes it is difficult to remove the big cap without getting
a little rough with the bag.  I solve the problem with a touch of

I only use the 4L bag when I need to carry extra water, but when I do have
it on board it is very welcome at night as a pillow.  I have seen people use
the MSR as a seat cushion, and otherwise abuse them, but my attitude is if
it is important to have the water capacity I should not encourage any risk
of failure.  If the risk of bag failure is not such big a deal, I probably
do not need to be carrying it.


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> Question for everyone out there concerning hydration systems:
> It seems that everyone loves camelback / platypus style bags, but
> aknowledges that they are fairly weak and wear out pretty quick. At
> least that's what I get out of reading journals and a few first hand
> accounts.
> The MSR Dromlite bags seem notorious for being twenty shades of
> indestructable, and have a kit that converts them to hydration systems
> (tube and a bite valve). I've heard several people who have dirven
> their cars over dromlite bags (when the bags are full of water),
> dragged them behind cars by ropes, frozen them, and thrown them off
> buildings, all without bursting or tearing.
> So I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with the 4 litre
> Dromlite bag and hydration kit, or perhaps opinions about it? Seems
> like a sound upgrade to the platypus bladder.
> Eric
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