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[pct-l] Suggestion for a "to bring" list

I won the gear contest this year at the kick-off party and can tell you what
I brought if you are interested , but what's right for me might not be for
you. No two backpackers carry the same gear and we all pretty much think our
stuff is what's right. But like I said if you want my gear list I will post
it . I did go ultra light, partly because of my age and partly because of a
bad back, but still managed to get stupid and injure myself just before the
Sierras which is the section I was looking forward to the most.

           Carl  ( Sunburn )
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From: David Strich
Date: 09/17/04 01:19:30
To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
Subject: [pct-l] Suggestion for a "to bring" list
Does anyone know where to find a "to bring" list?  I am figuring out what
stuff I'll need for next year (to do a thru-hike) and I am looking for
suggestions of stuff to bring (ie: no underwear vs. two paris, down vs.
synthetic bag, etc)  I heard traveling light is the way to go (and i've read
that this too is open for debate) but what kinds of stuff should I start
looking for?  Where can I find a good list of these items?  Any personal
recomendations or lists that you use?
Feel free to contact me offlist too because I know that passions can rage
when people talk about gear.
Thanks for any help.
Dave, strizzle41@yahoo.com
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