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[pct-l] Digital Cameras

Check the archives from about 1-2 months ago.
It was heavily discussed at that time and you 
will find a lot of information.  Eric

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Subject: [pct-l] Digital Cameras

I'm right now in the process of finding a good
little digital camera that I can take along on
the thru-hike.  I currently own a Kodak DC5000
which is a hearty weather resistant camera that
takes fine pics, but since it weighs in at 1 lb.,
I've been looking at other options.  My criteria
are pretty basic.

Must haves:
*Take AA batteries (just makes since on a trail
like this).
*Lighter than 1 lb. (lighter the better), but
solid--I don't want a "toy" camera just to save
the weight.
*Use either compact flash, SD, or xD media card
(I have a reader for these types).

Bonus features that I would like, but aren't as
*Weather resistant.
*3-4 megapixels (2 is fine, 5 is starting to eat
up too much card space in my opinion).

Some cameras I'm looking at:
*Pentax Optio43WR (I'm impressed with the specs
on this one, but some owners have complained of
blurry pics).
*Canon PowerShot A85 (Similar to the Pentax, but
without the weather resistance.  Supposedly takes
great pics).

I would appreciate any thoughts on either of
these two cameras, or any suggestions to check
out a camera I didn't mention.



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