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[pct-l] Re: Bear Vault's BV200 Did NOT Fail

I checked the SIBBG website and contacted Bear Vault, and confirmed that there have been no reported failures with the BV200 and it remains conditionally approved.  Other than one instance near Kearsarge Lakes where someone forgot to screw on the lid (oops!), the only reported problems have been with the older style "two-piece" lids on the BV100.  According to the folks at Bear Vault:  "You can tell if you have the older, 2-piece lid by looking under the lid.  If the lid has a white, inner plastic ring then contact www.bearvault.com for a free replacement."  Otherwise, you shouldn't have any problems.
I can personally vouch for their outstanding customer service.  Shortly before our JMT hike this summer, my friend contacted them for a replacement lid.  They sent it to her immediately, no questions asked.  Her new lid was then "field-tested" by several hungry bears during our trip, including by the now-infamous Kearsarge Lakes bear, who paid us several visits when we were camped on a ridge overlooking Vidette Meadow.  He left hungry -- the Bear Vault worked fine.

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