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[BULK] - RE: [pct-l] Boots support

Back in the day, I also was an avid skateboarder (bowls, pipes,
woo-hoo!!!). For a couple years as a teen, it was my sole source of
transportation. One of my boards still hangs in a revered place on the
wall of my garage...

I truly believe that skating developed my hip, leg, ankle and foot
muscles that now serve me well on the trail! At the end of the day, the
exact same muscles happily ache as when I finished a skating session.

After a 10-15 mile day on the trail, I find that I'm rolling my ankle,
hanging on a sharp rock or leaning on my poles after that rock that
looked so solid loosened up once I step on it...
The combination of quick reflexes, toned ankle and leg muscles and the
support of my boots has saved my bacon many a time.

Of course, HYOH. Most of you all aren't shlepping the load I carry and
are probably in much better physical shape than I. To a thru hiker, 15
miles is in before lunch. For me, after 15 miles, I'm looking for a flat
sandy to pop my oilcan!

For those who're interested: my board is a Powell "Ray Rodriguez" deck,
Tracker trucks (with "cloud" bushings!) and Simms cones...sweet bowl

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Rick wrote:
I used to have problems with twisting my ankle while hiking, but have
not had any serious twisting since I started using two trekking poles.

Yeah, I've used two trekking poles for years and won't leave home
without them.  They do help a lot and that's one of the reasons I
decided to try trail runners last year.  I guess they don't help me
quite enough.  :=(

Shawnie wrote:
I had surgery on both my ankles after I hurt them very severely while
skateboarding.  I always wore hightops while skating but the ankle
support really comes from your ankle muscles and not your boots.  I hike
in runners.

For me anyway, my boots give me some additional support that my ankle
muscles don't provide.  But really the most important thing is that if I
do happen to roll my ankle (which happens occasionally even in boots)
the high leather collar saves me from the extreme flexion that leads to
permanent injury.

The other thing that's helped is custom orthotics.  I have a tendency to
walk on the outside edges of my feet which makes my ankles already
pre-primed for rolling.  I used Superfeet insoles for years and liked
them, but my podiatrist set me up with some custom-made ones that seem
to address that problem better.

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