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[pct-l] Boots

I really enjoy the Montrail TRS-Comp hybrid trail running 
shoe/ hiking shoe.  I have almost 800 miles on them now
and they are still looking pretty good.   Eric Y.

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After doing the AT and the PCT, I cannot imagine ever
wearing boots again.  I own about a billion pairs of
semi-worn out trail runners and low-cut light-weight
hiking shoes, but no boots.  I'm curious for other
light+fast hikers thoughts on boots--do you ever use
them?  If so, in what circumstances? Based on Jardine
I wore a pair from KM to Tuolumne meadows on my
through hike this year, but regretted it the whole
way.  They got wet and stayed wet and heavy.
I also want to know what you wear when you go
snowshoeing.  Is it only because we hit the Sierra in
late season that the snow is so wet and boots suck,
and gore-tex vibram soled boots actually make sense
for short shoeing trips in early powder?

the Onion

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