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[pct-l] OR/WA Outfitters

Hey there, someone posted a query not too long ago about trying to find 
folks in Oregon & Washington that would carry the heavy stuff! I searched 
the archives (well not thoroughly) and didn't find the posting. So I hope 
that person is still looking. Regardless, I happened upon a magazine at a 
friend's, Northwest Travel (May/June 2004) it has a bunch of outfitters from 
all over the NW. So here are a couple in OR/WA:

Wilderness Outfitters, Union 800-420-7855 or www.wildernessoutfitters.net 
They do horsepacking mostly and in the Eagle Cap Wilderness

Steens Mountain Packers, Frenchglen 800-977-3995 or www.steensmountain.com  
Not real sure about these folks, whether they pack for you or not, but it 
sounded nice.

Icicle Outfitters & Guides, Inc., Leavenworth 800-497-3912 or 
www.icicleoutfitters.com They too seem to be mostly horsepackers.

Kit's Llamas, Olalla 253-857-5274 or www.northolympic.com/llamas/  They pack 
in Olympic National Park, also sounds beautiful!

There were some in Idaho, Montana and British Columbia. If anyone would like 
more info, write off list and I can relate it to you! Hope this helps the 
original poster.

Tammy T.

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