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[pct-l] Big Storm of 2004

3 odd facts about Oregon:
1. If you head East of the Cascade range, Oregon is high desert; hot and dry with 300+ sunny days per year; just like most of the West
2. Crater Lake has more total snow accumulation per season than anywhere in the world
3. Mt. Hood is the only place with year round skiing in the entire United States.  Just ask the ski team, they're here all summer.

What's that have to do with hiking the PCT?  Not a thing...just chuckled about the web feet comment as it was very Oregon stereotype (and true in some places most of the time... like Astoria, OR).


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Oh so true! The year I went over Fire Creek Pass, it was solid mist and
clouds with horizontal rain. I was doing good to see trail twenty feet
ahead.  Three years later Hart's Pass, it was the same thing. The same time
next year it was absolutely gorgeous.

Well, the PNW is well known for rain. Long-term residents of Oregon and
Washington can be recognized by the webs between their toes.

Wandering Bob