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[pct-l] Big Storm of 2004

Are you a used car sales man or do you have real estate in Florida?  I'll believe your claims when I see them ..... jk --- even though 50% of my adventure was in a down pour or w/ mediocre/viewless weather I was impressed ..... the more you advertise though the more crowded and the less prestine.

"Eric Lee (GAMES)" <elee@microsoft.com> wrote:
Wayne wrote:
I have collected excerpts from various online trail journals with PCT
Thruhiker's descriptions of the challenges posed by the foul weather we
experienced in Oregon and Washington in late August into one document.

It's still coming down, too. Rain predicted for pretty much the entire

I feel sorry for all the thru-hikers out there. Not so much because
they have to walk in the rain (hey, at least they're not stuck in an
office!), but because as a Northwest native I'm proud of my Cascade
mountains and it's just tragic when people walk through them and see
nothing but fog. We have some of the best scenery of the whole trail up
here, damn it, but no one ever believes me. 

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