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[pct-l] Fwd: Fw: Private Lands - Holcomb Creek

FYI and those hiking the PCT in the vicinity of Big Bear,

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                                       Private Lands - Holcomb Creek       

FYI   -  A couple years ago,  the Burton family patented their mining claim
lands, along Holcomb Creek and forest road 3N93, starting near the 3N14
crossing,  and running downstream for about a mile.    The patented parcel
is 600 feet wide, with Holcomb Creek being the centerline of the parcel.

A couple weeks ago,  a person who is a member of a mining club was at
Burtons Cement,  trying to convince George Burton that he had a valid
mining claim on that same property.     George told him to go to xxxx,  and
to stay off the property.

George called me earlier today to let me know that he has posted "private
property"  signs on the property.   He realizes we might get questions from
the public about this signing.    George is aware the Forest Service has a
right away for 3N93 and the PCT.      He said that the use of the road and
trail is not in question -   he just doesn't want this person trying to
conduct mining activities on his land,  and the sheriff's office advised
him to post the signs.

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