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[pct-l] Gathering Sign Up,,Soon

For those of us new to the list...
What is ALDHA-West?
Also, I could not get to the link ALDHA-West.Org or www. ALDHA-West.Org.
Is there a better link?

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 If you wish to go to the ALDHA-West Gathering, time is running!! Cost is
84.00 for the three day event which covers all meals and lodging in the very
nice Clair Tappan lodge near Donner Pass. Members need to send in their
flyers and non-members can go to the website ALDHA-West .Org to sign up.
Lodge limit is first 150 folks to sign up. We will have several top speakers
and slide shows as well as work shops and of course stove building,
Ultralight gear ventors, and best meal cook off . See you there!! Monte
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