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[pct-l] RE : Repair kit for backpack ravaged by a bear ?

In that there are a . . . " lot of bears " isn ' t probably as important to me as to whether those bears that are there are ' habituated ' ( to human food ) as they often are in the Yosemite area - Tuolomne Meadows , etc . , where I myself did have a " food " encounter with a momma bear and her cub . Outside such areas there is much less chance a bear will approach campsites with people in them , I understand and was my experience having now backpacked over 3000 miles on the A T and the PCT . Yogi - who I don 't know but know well 'of ' - likely would be a source of info as to where bears are most often to be habituated on the PCT . Too , usual practice is as has been said - leave your pack pockets open . Too , of course , use bear boxes as available and a bear canister , always . I hiked with two gals one of whom had her pack carried off and ripped open this summer on the PCT ; they retrieved the pack and did the best they could to repair it so they could proceed out of there . I carry water bottles ( still ) and wrap duct tape around them - too one can carry sail cloth needle and thread as advised . Please be safe and have a great trip ! Rafter JackFrom johnf at finston.net  Fri Sep 10 13:42:47 2004
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