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[pct-l] Repair kit for backpack ravaged by a bear?

     You are brilliant.... or maybe I'm not.  I've been trying to think of
to wrap duct tape around.  A pencil, all right I guess.  A squashed toilet
roll.  Worse.  And there it was all the time.  Around my hiking poles.  I
more valuable and simple ideas from this list than any where else.  Thanks
the tip.  Eric Yakel
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Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 12:48 PM
Subject: Re: [pct-l] Repair kit for backpack ravaged by a bear?

> I routinely wrap 3 feet of FRESH duct tape around each trekking pole and
> call it good for that year. Here's the contents of my 3 ounce repair kit
> which I've carried the for past 12 years but rarely needed:
> 1@ 2-piece hipbelt buckle - see below
> 1@ 3 inch  heavy sewing needle - fits in dental floss case
> 1@ small bottle Crazy Glue
> 1@ 100 yds unwaxed dental floss in plastic case
> 3@ Platypus bladder repair patches
> 1@ bite valve for Platypus hoser system
> 1@ soda bottle screw-on cap - fits Platy bladders
> 1@ small mesh carrying bag
> Before every trip I ask myself, other than sewing on a lost button or a
> in my gear, what could go wrong that would devastate my hike? Then I
> the repair kit inventory to compensate for that.
> Note the extra hipbelt buckle - both pieces! This thing is impossible to
> in the field if it breaks, and I can't tie the belt tight enough to
> effectively transfer the weight to my hips. I've needed this item only one
> time, when my partner accidentally stepped on and broke his hipbelt buckle
> as he reached over to pick up his pack on the 2nd day of a week-long trek.
> Toilet paper is the only item I can think of that might bring a higher
> in the field. I got breakfast in bed for the rest of the trek - and prayed
> didn't repeat his mistake.
> If I'm carrying any silnylon gear (pack, tarp, etc), I'll add a tube of
> Silnet seam sealer so I can waterproof any repair I make since duct tape
> won't work. When I used to carry a PUR Hiker water filter, I added the
> tube of silicon lubricant that comes with the replacement filter elements.
> Before I switched to Photon lights, I'd carry any extra batteries and bulb
> for my flashlight here.
> As an aside, I find that this tiny kit makes a good place for me to store
> the protective caps from the tips of my trekking poles so they don't get
> lost.
> Wandering Bob
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