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[pct-l] Thru-hikers choosing roadwalk rather than trail

>>Inaki wrote:
>>I don't mean to criticize anybody, I just wonder what's in their minds
>>when they take that decision.

>I hiked Wa section I (White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass) last week, and of
>the four thru-hikers I met, all of them had mid-September deadlines that
>they were trying to beat. I didn't ask if they were planning to
>road-walk around the reroute or not, but it wouldn't surprise me if they
>did since the difficulty of the reroute is an unknown quantity and trail
>rumors have been flying about how hard it is. In their minds, it might
>mean the difference between getting to Manning or being forced to stop
>Just one possibility.

I have met several thru-hikers near Buck-Creek Pass over the last few weeks. In my opinion, the reason why people have been choosing the roadwalk rather than the trail has nothing to do with the 'up-and-downs' of the trail or 'tight schedules'. It's the WEATHER!!!..... which has been GASTLY in Washington for the last 2 weeks. Thru-hikers have chosen the road walk because it gives them some possibility of drying off occasionally.