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[pct-l] Keeping Dry and Happy

Some recent post have me thinking about keeping dry on the trail.  I use an 
umbrella (mainly for the sun/radiation), rain parka (not jacket), Gortex 
mittens, large Tarptent with floor, and a Tyvek ground sheet.  And of course a trash 
bag for my P-1 pack.  But I am getting the impression that if I had to walk 
for 2 or more days in the rain, I would be a very unhappy camper.  As you folks 
know, when it starts to rain, unless things are covered, they get wet/soaked 
very quickly.

I understand the concept of using a tarp, so you can keep somewhat dry as you 
set up camp.  That seems like a good idea, but I do not carry a tarp and will 
not just for that.  I wonder if you knew there was a possibility of rain, you 
could carry a small tarp.  That might be very smart.  My Cloudburst Tarptent 
is great for a solo backpacker like me.  Lots of ventilation and room to 
spread things out at under 2.5 pounds with ground sheet and stakes.  It worked 
great in a rain/snow storm in Yosemite NP in May.  I did not even deploy the door 

I use Snow Seal socks for my hiking sandals if it rains or snows.  Also, I 
notice that if the wind is blowing too while it is raining (and cannot use the 
umbrella), my SunPrecaution hat with drape and my rain parka hood really work 
good in combination to keep the rain off my face.

The big thing I am getting out of the posts is that the humidity will make 
everything damp or wet no matter what you do.  And drying out is tough.  That 
concerns me.  What are some ideas out there for keeping dry or drier on the 
trial/camp when it is raining?  There must be some things that I am not doing or 
thinking about to keep dry.

Thanks, Switchback