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[pct-l] Bozo attacks bear

So far, every Bear attack story I've heard, like this one, starts with some
person doing something inconsiderate, lazy, inconsistent with rules,
regulations, and common sense, and ends with the bear being hunted down and
I'm not just talking about beer guzzling SUV'rs, but some backpackers as
well.  Seems that some people just don't realize that if a bear attacks a
person, even if tempted by food left out (or hidden by "stealth"), and
provoked by a human getting between a bear and its food, the bear will be
hunted and killed if possible (at least according to the ranger I spoke with
at Kearsarge).
I understand the need to weed out major predator individuals that have
become accustomed to aggressively confronting humans.  I just cannot condone
those human actions that provoke the confrontational behavior in the first
Sorry!  It's been a long day, half spent in LA traffic so I'm tired and

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A picture is worth a thousand words. They had a TV coverage on this episode 
at Chilao 

The women interviewer certainly was aware of a filthy campsite. She had her 
camera person scan the whole campsite for the viewers to see.

This bozo had his children and wife sleeping in their tent with their SUV 
parked alongside it. Instead of keeping their food in the SUV he had a
number of 
coolers stacked along side his tent. He had sausages and fish hanging Indian

style on a line attached to a tree or to his tent.

When they heard a sound out side their tent they saw the bear routing
their pig pen campsite. The wife and children easily walked to their SUV. 
Safe in the SUV the Bozo picked up a throwing ax and threw it at the bear.
The Ax 
fell amongst the empty beer cans screws around the campsite. If only the 
police would have given him a sobriety test perhaps the truth would have
been out.

I frequently hike in this area the campsite and dumpsters (not bear proof 
usually over flowed with garbage on the ground) I have previously on my
complained about this. 

The forest management should have stiff finds on persons who violate
A bear may die because of idiots like this bozo and Pvt. Skivie.

I was just up around Etna on the PC and the Ranger warned that bears are
active .. Please be careful when camping.

 Another thing Archery Hunting season is starting today. The forest being as

dry as it I feel they should postpone the season, especially since a fire
out person has been shot with an arrow. Be on the look out for crazy people 
not bears.

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