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[pct-l] Some Details on Bear Attack


LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. A campground in the Angeles National 
Forest is closed following a bear attack.
Officials say the bear injured a 39-year-old man after he tried to 
distract the animal by throwing something at it. The man was not 
seriously hurt.

The man heard the animal rummaging through the family's ice chest at 
about 2 a-m while camping with his wife and daughters at the Chilao 

A forest spokeswoman says the man tried to distract the bear by 
throwing something at it while his wife and two daughters ran for 
their car. The bear swatted at the man, throwing him against a picnic 
table, then turned his attention to the ice chest. The man managed to 
get away while the bear was eating.

Officials say the same bear tried to enter another family's tent 
about an hour earlier.