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[pct-l] Road walk version of the detour

> walk avoids the up and down route thru the Napeequa, but it also avoids some
> of the most beautiful and remote wilderness along the entire PCT.

actually, the Napeequa Valley is less of a problem as far as up and down
goes. The route goes much lower on White River and Chiwawa River Valleys
and the climb int and out of both is a really long one. I avoided the
Chiwawa by going over High Pass, there's already been reports on that
one. Much shorter than the official detour and probably the most scenic
stretch in my whole trip. There's a trail all the way though it gets
brushy, steep and difficult to follow at times (luckily, only one thing
at a time).
The lower elevation of the White River on a warm day made my life worse
than any climb. Boulder Pass is gorgeous.

> The
> Napeequa is a spectacular wilderness valley that is accessible only over 3
> high passes.  The hanging glaciers on the north face of Clark Mountain
> tumble nearly to the valley floor.  The north face of Clark Mountain is one
> of the most beautiful mountains in America, but seldom seen and seldom
> photographed due to its remoteness and difficult access.

I camped on a grassy bench on the upper Napeequa valley when coming down
from High Pass, righ in front of Clarke Mountain. What a beautiful
place. The way down the Napeequa valley was spectacular too, with close
views of the glaciers hanging above.

> Last weekend we were told that the Napeequa ford was
> not that difficult--just below the knees.

Mid morning on a sunny warm day it was mid to upper thigh (at the
deepest; just one or two steps) of milky fast flowing water. It looked a
bit scary but the river bed was an easy tread so it turned out easy, I
never felt in risk of falling. The most difficult part was to move the
hiking poles against the flow :)
We met a guy who did it in late afternoon and said it was a bit scary
too but no problem. Best tried in early morning though. I don't see this
ford as a reason to avoid the detour.

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