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[pct-l] White Pass PCT and Packwood Swap Meet.

 Don't miss the big packwood swap meet this weekend !! Buy back all the good old gear you sold ten years ago because it was too heavy!! ( Now the retro Kelties and stoves bring top dollar on ebay plus fun to drag out on weekend trips) Of course you will get all the " What an Idiot" looks when you walk by with a 40 y/o Kelty by smug 25 y/o fitness freaks who will feel pity for your " Braindead Soul" for hauling such a antique.
    Hope to be at White Pass" Again" this Sunday to offer rides , pop and 27 y/o advice about what to do if it snows ,blows, rains, pours, etc,etc.,etc!!!!%%%###$$$@@@
   Last trip up two weeks ago I got to meet with Bev. Hartline who was co-author of PCT Volume Two in 70's.