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[pct-l] Death of a Hiker

The death of this young woman was indeed tragic. I know that crossing well and it is never "easy".

How she died was determined by the medical examiner. Why she died will never be known with certainty as she was alone at the time.

Regardless of our myriad personal points of view on the minutea, let us all take a lesson from this tragedy.

Water crossings, like the sea, are not inherently lethal, but they are totally and completely unforgiving of the slightest mistake on our parts. When we knowingly undertake any activity that has the potential to put us in harm's way, we need to remember that no matter how experienced or prepared we may be, accidents can and do happen. 

We need to keep our minds on what we are doing, know our limitations, and not be afraid to turn back and try this again another day.

Wandering Bob