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[pct-l] Portland, OR area - thru-hiker guest speaker request for high sch...


A Youth Outreach Program has been started by several Sth Calif. champions of 
the PCT and PCTA and would love to work with you on this opportunity should it 
have been closer to us, or had this program been expanded up and down the 
trail for just such opportunities.  We are working to accomplish this but it will 
take time and the efforts of many to bring about. 

I hope that you find a local "PCT Ambassador" to step up to the opportunity 
and spread the public awareness and plant the seeds within these youth.

Best regards,

Greg Hummel

In a message dated 9/1/2004 7:02:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
patrickmcjunkin@yahoo.com writes:
Hello all,

I teach high school social studies in suburban Portland, including a 
senior-level course on natural resource management for environmental science students. 
 While covering recreation management later this month or in early Oct., I'd 
like to do a unit on the PCT including having a past thru-hiker come in as a 
guest speaker, show photos and gear, talk about experiences, etc.  If anyone in 
the area would be interested in hanging out for an hour or so with some 
pretty nice kids and sharing his/her experiences, please contact me at 
patrick_mcjunkin@reynolds.k12.or.us or patrickmcjunkin@yahoo.com.

Also, thanks to everyone who helped me out with my previous questions about 
plantar fasciitis, etc.  I ended up having a great 3 week section hike here in 
Oregon, learned A LOT, and can't wait to implement what I learned next time.


Gresham, OR