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[pct-l] msr hubba

Easiest tent to put up I've ever had. Good size and you can set up in it.
You can put it up, with rainfly, with two stakes. Could be a bit tricky to
put up in rain, though. I like mine enough that it is my new free standing

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I don't know if I'm allowed to ask for a particular gear question on this
board, as it's not 100% related to the PCT, but I do plan on using this for
the PCT, so it's kinda applicable...

The MSR Hubba. Anyone have any experience with it? I've only used MSR stoves
and climbing helmets, both with much success. The Hubba seems to be a great
comprimise for weight, price, roominess, etc. I'm stuck on freestanding
tents. I enjoy knowing that if I don't like my campsite, I can pick my tent
up by the poles and walk it over somewhere else, like moving a big lego.

Thanks so much in advance,

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