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[pct-l] fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice ...

Greetings from a long-time list lurker and section hiker.

The good news: I received my most-deeply desired birthday present in time
to pack it for the Ashland/Willamette Pass section hike I'm about to begin
this coming weekend.

The not-so-good news: The Kelty Lightyear 25-degree down bag was listed in
Campmor (and listed by the maker) as being 32 oz.

It was upon the basis of weight -- a whopping 14.5 oz lighter than my
venerable 20-year-old North Face superlight four-season bag -- that I chose
the Lightyear. It turned out to be a full half-pound heavier -- at least --
as per my el cheapo food scale and my fishing scale.

Well, I'm a sap. Fool me once, shame on you ... Fool me twice ...
actually, they *won't* fool me twice because now the next item on my wish
list will be a Pelouze digital postal scale, with 10 lb capacity and
accuracy to .1 oz. It's running about $70 on the Web.

Anyone have any other recommendations on accurate scales with 10-20 lb.
capacity? Nothing fancy. I don't need pharma-grade accuracy. I'm thinking
of just going down to Office Depot tomorrow and picking up the Pelouze and
saving the shipping costs.

Still kicking myself for being so gullible about this sleeping bag. To
think that a product advertised at 32 oz. (and marketed by weight) would
actually weight somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-something oz. Oh well,
poorer and wiser ... I'll be on the trail again by Saturday and it'll all
be quickly forgotten  ...