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[pct-l] Bay Area Cresters

Hiking the Crest is a life changing experience.... 
No one who has done it will deny it was pivotal and did not have recurrent  
effects throughout the rest of their lives. Sounds like a grand adventure and 
it  is, but its waters run very deep into our very Spirits.  Each who goes has  
his or her own reasons for going, and if they say it's for the "conquest," 
then  they aren't looking beyond the surface. 
 I applaud your decision.  Prepare thoroughly and well.   Seek wise council 
from those who have gone before.  I hiked the Crest  back in '74 when logistics 
were different but the fundamentals are still  the same today.  I live in 
Sonoma and would be happy to be at your service  in any way my experience could